​​Calming Anxiety

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​​​​Anxiety is a common feeling.  It’s a natural part of facing life challenges.  Yet if you find that your anxiety is overwhelming you, or blocking you from important life goals, you may not like the role anxiety is playing in your life. 

Each of us will have our own experiences with anxiety. Perhaps you have difficulty letting go of worrisome thoughts. Stress and worry may be interfering with your ability to think clearly and you find decision making overly difficult.

Maybe anxiety limits your life.  Fear and doubt stop you from doing things you want to do. You find yourself avoiding situations that make you feel anxious.

Having support and developing tools are important ways to change how you cope with anxiety.

Together we will explore how anxiety is affecting your life. We will expand the ways you think about your anxiety and increase your capacity to cope with anxious feelings. Our goal is to support you to gain greater strength and flexibility so you can better embrace what you want in life.

Some of our work together may include:

  • Gaining a new perspective on anxiety
  • Learning to listen to your feelings
  • Distancing from your inner critic
  • Learning effective ways to cope with anxious feelings
  • Developing strength in the face of anxiety
  • Taking small actions that lead to a new way of life