​​​​​Claude Verdier - Psychotherapist & Counselor in Providence, Rhode Island (RI) and serving surrounding areas: North Providence, RI - Smithfield, RI - Cranston, RI - Warwick, RI 

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​​How I Work  

Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be.     -- Alan Watts

It's my experience that with support, people can move through difficulties and make changes in their lives. If you are considering therapy, it's clear you want to make a change. You've probably struggled on your own and are looking for that extra resource that can make a difference.

My initial goal is to understand how you see your difficulties and how they impact your life. Then we'll identify the changes you want to see happen. We'll build a relationship that you can rely on so we can work together in gaining insight and supporting change.

Although insight is important and will be a part of what we do, simply telling your ‘story’ is not always enough. In our work together, I provide a warm and accepting environment and offer the opportunity to slow down and explore the places where change can happen.

I help people to get in touch with what is authentic for them.  That is the place from which strength, passion and fulfilled living can best emerge.

Here are some of the ways we might work together:

Deepen your connection with yourself — I will encourage you to become aware of thoughts, feelings, body sensations, images or memories that may arise. This provides an opportunity to deepen your experience and open the door to new options of how to respond to life situations. 

Expand your thinking — Along the way, we may discover limiting beliefs that are restricting your life. We’ll work to expand the ways you think about yourself and your difficulties. I will invite you to take small risks in the safety of our work together that can help you move towards living with greater freedom.

Enhance your inner strength — We may explore how you have learned to cope with overwhelming feelings and situations. With a sense of curiosity and compassion, we will investigate whether the ways you may be protecting yourself might be creating more distress in your life. We will work to strengthen your inner resources, helping you to build resilience and giving you greater choice and flexibility in how you manage difficulties.

Explore what matters to you — An important part of our work may be to help you develop a deeper direction for your life, discovering what is important to you, and what you most value.  When you reach impasses, places of indecision, confusion or distress, having this self-understanding can be invaluable in helping you get unstuck and move in the direction that will bring you the most contentment and satisfaction.

Develop your capacity for mindfulness — Mindfulness is the quality of focus and presence that you bring to each moment of your life. Another way to think about mindfulness is to think about awareness.  I often support people to develop greater awareness because it is helpful in seeing your way through problems and in learning to distance from unworkable ways of handling challenges. Mindfulness can also offer many opportunities for enriching your daily experience of life.