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​​​Making a Change

Are you feeling stuck?  Perhaps you're seeking to make a change in your life, or life itself has thrust you into the process of change. Your change may be as specific as striving to get rid of an unwanted habit, or as broad as considering a new life direction.

Although change is a fact of life, it’s not always easy, and difficult feelings can arise. You may feel discouraged, hopeless, lost, uncertain, angry or fearful. It’s often the uncertainty and the avoidance of uncomfortable feelings that can undermine your goals. 

In my work with supporting change, I provide a safe place for you to explore your thoughts and feelings and to develop your unique pathway to change.

We will work with the understanding that change is a process. It’s a cycle, with clear stages. So often when we think of change, we think of taking action. However, there are steps - such as exploring what you really want, finding out what keeps you stuck, strengthening your motivation and support - that help lay the foundation for successful change. 

Some of the ways we may work together include:

  • Determining where you are in the cycle of change
  • Exploring what you really want
  • Learning to cope with the uncertainty of transition
  • Being curious about how you stay stuck
  • Enhancing your motivation
  • Learning new skills
  • Strengthening willpower
  • Experimenting with small steps towards change

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