Anger is a challenging emotion we must learn to manage. Our lives and especially our relationships can be significantly affected by how we deal with anger.

How to deal with anger. Some of our anger management work together may include:

  • Develop awareness and recognize the many faces of anger
  • Learn how to tolerate angry feelings without immediately acting on them
  • Explore the freedom that comes from taking responsibility for anger
  • Learn to productively communicate with others
  • Make thoughtful choices instead of quick reactions in response to anger
  • Maintain focus towards resolving issues in relationships

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You may see how your inability to deal with anger is undermining your life. You may have concerns that your angry behaviors are eroding your relationships. Perhaps you are worried that you may lose or alienate people that are important to you. You may feel regret and sometimes ashamed.

Your anger may show up as irritation, resignation, withdrawal, feeling stuck or depressed.  Sometimes your anger may feel so big, it seems hard to contain. Anger may come up so suddenly, that you wonder how you will ever be able to manage it, how you will ever be able to make a change.

The ability to slow down and not immediately react when we are angry, gives us a chance to choose a response we won’t regret.  


In reality, anger itself isn’t positive or negative. Anger is an alarm telling us we need to address a perceived emotional or physical threat. It’s a resource that can be tremendously useful to us, once we learn how to handle the feeling of anger.

Imagine what your life might be like if you were able to skillfully navigate your anger. I help people to learn to accept anger and use it wisely in their lives. Through the practice of mindfulness, an understanding of the dynamics of anger, and the exploration of what you truly want, I will support you to transform the role anger plays in your life. 

​​​​​Transforming Anger